The Loyal Customer Creator – Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

Every great leader will know that it costs twice as much for your company to bring in new customers as it takes to retain the customers you already have. One of the most fundamental area’s a business needs to master is the area of customer service.

As a company you build the best product you can. You give people effective training to support the delivery of exceptional service. You learn from your experiences. And you celebrate success. You never stop growing. You never stop believing. The truth is that a company at it’s core is it’s people. You need to keep investing in your people, and in turn they will keep investing in your clients.

The problem with customer satisfaction is that it is a moving target, and as a company we need to keep moving along with it.It is the responsibility of every individual working within a company to take the ownership of satisfying the clients, and thereby convincing them to not only return, but also to recommend your service to others. If you cannot do this properly, you risk losing them all in the end.In this world class course you will learn how to create a motivated, energetic team who will treat your customers with care and kindness.

What you’ll learn:

  • The three service delivery systems all companies must focus on – Their employees, their setting and their processes
  • Identifying a common purpose which will unify all the staff
  • Teaching employees how to translate the company mission and vision into action and start practicing behaviours that reflect the company values
  • Understanding how to deliver quality customer service using three basic systems – It’s people, It’s physical assets and it’s processes
  • How to make exceeding expectations the standard call of duty.

Who this course is for:

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • All staff
  • Customer service agents
  • Sales people


  • In order for a company to not only retain the customers they already have, but also have those customers enthusiastically recommend their service to others there are a few things which need to be in place, namely:
  • You need to understand what customers want and how to deliver high quality service in response
  • You need to understand how to deliver high quality service by ensuring that systems are strong and integrated
  • Understand that a service orientated purpose acts as a promise to your customers and a mission for your employees
  • Consider how customers see, smell and hear the world that you have created for them
  • You need to learn how to use surveys wisely to learn more about your customers habits and even emotions
  • How to think out of the box to design different solutions to address the various issues when it comes to keeping customers waiting

Key benefits:

  • Learning to satisfy our customer needs could be one of the most important skills a company must learn
  • You will learn how to properly identify the needs of your customers
  • You will understand the No.1 tool in helping to identify the frustrations of customers and how to give them what they really want
  • Understanding that powerful teams and individuals lead to powerful organizations which exceed the expectations of their customers


The training program will use a mix of pedagogical tools:

  • Case studies
  • Presentation and Lecture Sessions
  • Role Plays
  • Fun Audience Activities

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