The 8 Steps of Creation

We live in an ever changing world, which forces us to be more creative than ever before. We set many goals, but we are not always aware of the steps needed to achieve those set goals, whether private or as a group.In this unique program you and your team will be led to understand the 8 specific steps towards creation.

  • How does creation really take place?
  • What are the factors which produce a successful creation?
  • How do you identify why you or your team are stuck in the creation process?
  • Among the concepts this program will deal with, are the questions:
  • Are there universal laws which govern the act of creation?
  • Are these laws applicable to everyone?
  • How do we identify these laws
  • How do we use these laws so that individually, or as a team, we are able to achieve any goal we set?


We are all creative beings, but most do not understand the process of creation. The result of this is that we create unconsciously, and never seem to be able to recreate the results. If we are able to understand the Universal mechanics behind this creation we will be much more empowered to create and achieve any goal we set.Using a step by step process, you and your team will be led to understand how the creation process takes place. When we do this, we not only empower ourselves to understand where we are failing in the creation process, but also how to ensure we grow in strength in each area. We start to understand that just like the universe we live in is guided by a very specific set of laws, so too is the creation process guided by a very specific set of laws. If we are able to understand these laws, then in time we will be able to master them as well.

Content and Overview:

Your team will be led to understand the 8 steps which lead to creation of any goal or vision, specifically:

  • The first step towards creation – commitment – how to get yourself or your team committed towards the completion of the goal or vision
  • The second step – How to resonate with the set goal so that you are able to attract the thoughts and ideas needed to achieve it
  • The third step – How to engage with the thoughts and ideas to turn them into something meaningful
  • The fourth step – Allowing the space for things to start happening instead of getting in the way
  • The fifth step – Understanding how to use the power of your subconscious mind to create the ideas needed to fulfil the goal or vision
  • The sixth step – The importance of having the right levels of energy to achieve your set goals
  • The seventh step – how to follow through and apply the identified steps
  • The eighth step – remembering the importance of gratitude and having a great attitude Key benefits.

Among many lessons learned through this program you will learn:

  • Where true power comes from, and how to increase the power to create
  • How to use your conscious and unconscious mind to generate the ideas needed to reach your set goals and vision
  • How to go about identifying the fears and negative thoughts which can prevent you from achieving the set goals
  • How to allow the space for the changes required to take place
  • Understanding when your efforts are working for or against you
  • Understanding the importance of high levels of energy for you and your team, and how to go about increasing them
  • Learning about the power of follow through and how the right momentum can help to achieve any set goal
  • Understanding how powerful emotions can lead to powerful results for you and your team

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Leaders
  • Employees
  • Team Leaders
  • School Children
  • Teachers
  • Students

Methodology The training program will use a mix of pedagogical tools:

  • Case studies
  • Presentation and Lecture Sessions
  • Role Plays
  • Fun Audience Activities

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