The 4 Creative Mindsets

  • What is creative thinking really?
  • Are only some people creative?
  • What are the four creative mindsets?
  • How do you identify your creative mindset?
  • What are the strengths of each mindset?
  • How do the mindsets work together?
  • What does it mean to really think?
  • What are the thinking faculties?
  • How do you develop your thinking faculties?
  • How do you use your thinking faculties to come up with creative solutions?How is it going to help you? (Outcomes)
  • Learn how to create and share a powerful vision which all your staff will be willing to get behind
  • Understand how to identify the psychographics and demographics of your customers so that you are better able to serve their needs
  • Identify how to measure the strength of your business systems – what are they seven systems, and how do you improve them

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