The 10 Traits of Leadership

The 10 Traits of leadership“It takes a great leader to lead. Your either lead from POWER or you lead from FORCE” Stanley BeckettWhat is it about? Ground breaking research into the science of leadership. Behavioral sciences have gained an increased understanding of who we are as a species, what motivates us, what de-motivates us. Why we follow some people, and why we seemingly contradict ourselves so often. A deep personal assessment of our current strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

One great quality of all great leaders is the ability and eagerness to honestly assess themselves, and work on improving. For the vulnerable, brave leaders, an assessment tool which will allow them to get honest feedback from the people who matter the most – their employees. Once these assessments are done, you will be empowered to take an authentic 360 degree look at your traits as a leader and how you are best able to improve on these traits. You will have a new breakthrough understanding of what true leadership is, and how to earn the respect of your employees and colleges through the concept of leading with power.How is it going to help you (Outcomes) Knowing yourself better as a leader.

Understanding how others view you as a leader, empowering you to improve on weaknesses. Learn what the 10 traits of true leaders are, and assess your strength in each trait. Discover the origin of power and learn how to create more power in your leadership. Learn the No.1 tool for creating happier working environments for yourself and your team. Discover how to creating powerful, productive teams which have a clear common goal and purpose.How is it rolled out?

Step 1 – Rate yourself currently as a leader.

Step 2 – Understand what the 10 traits of leadership are.

Step 3 – Learn how to make fast, powerful decisions as a leader.

Step 4 – Understand the power of clear communication and the No.1 tool to use for this.

Step 5 – Understand where true power comes from as a leader and how to develop this power.

Step 6 – Get a real 360 assessment from your team so that you can authentically discover how to improve your leadership skills.

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