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Mental Health support for HR professionals:

In the demanding world of Human Resources, where you nurture the growth and address the needs of others, it is paramount to also take a moment to look inward. That’s why we invite you to explore the “Four Cups” assessment, a unique tool designed to help you tap into and fortify your foundational strengths across four key dimensions: Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual GRITability.

  •  Emotional “Cup”
  •  Mental “Cup”
  •  Physical “Cup”
  •  Spiritual “Cup”


“I finally understand and can put into words how I am feeling” – Paula Moura
“This is something everyone should be talking about” – Brendan Fourie
“A simple effective way to communicate mental health issues” – Gavin Stein
“This is something I can use to help my kids understand how to communicate their feelings” – Betty van Dyk

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