Where does real change really start?   You have probably heard before that real change starts by changing your thinking.  This might sound simple enough, but, as with so many things in life, it is more complicated than that. Do you know anyone who has been going from seminar to seminar for years, but nothing ever really changes in their life? Are you perhaps even such a “someone”? Then read on! 

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Burnout is not a “ME” problem. It’s a “WE” problem!

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There is a common misconception about changing your “thinking”. Many are taught to believe that changing your thinking merely implies a more positive mindset.  Although this may be true in some instances, in most cases, a more positive mindset requires a much deeper change to take place in order to be effective. True, lasting change, requires a change in your very programming and beliefs, not a change in actual “thinking”.  Added to this, there are so many factors that work against a change in programming and beliefs, that it becomes an impossible task for most.

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Creating change is a delicate balance between Motivation and Resistance”, to “Creating change is a delicate balance between Commitment and Resistances.  Without action, nothing will change for you.  Creating change is a delicate balance between Motivation and Resistance. Many times the two are so close, that one small shift in either direction will be the shift one needs to create change.  Creating change is a delicate balance between Motivation and Resistance”, to “Creating change is a delicate balance between Commitment and Resistance

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The problem with this is that each person is an individual, and each individual is different.  ChangeCreator is all about identifying what your unique challenge regarding acting on change is.  What works for someone else will not necessarily work for you.  The challenge is finding your unique path towards creating change.
At any one time, there are EIGHT specific areas which can influence your ability to take action.  The challenge is identifying the strength and weakness of each area, and working out the most likely path towards taking action.  Education without action is not education.  Knowing without doing is not knowing.  

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After attending multiple personal development programs from various leaders in the industry, for the very first time I truly feel and know that I have an exceptional tool to ensure successful achievement of my goals
Jabulani Medupe – HR Specialist
I believe this is what the world needs to advance into the new century
Tsebo Molebatsi – Information Activist
This has been so profound. It has challenged the way I have been thinking about my mindset. This program encourages the paradigm shift. #BeDoHave – one has to take action in order to see results. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Stanley
Malebo Makgale – Radiation specialist & wellness coach
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Mental Health support for HR professionals:

In the demanding world of Human Resources, where you nurture the growth and address the needs of others, it is paramount to also take a moment to look inward. That’s why we invite you to explore the “Four Cups” assessment, a unique tool designed to help you tap into and fortify your foundational strengths across four key dimensions: Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual GRITability.

  •  Emotional “Cup”
  •  Mental “Cup”
  •  Physical “Cup”
  •  Spiritual “Cup”


“I finally understand and can put into words how I am feeling” – Paula Moura
“This is something everyone should be talking about” – Brendan Fourie
“A simple effective way to communicate mental health issues” – Gavin Stein
“This is something I can use to help my kids understand how to communicate their feelings” – Betty van Dyk

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